Pop Villa is an event design agency specializing in socially conscious experiences. 

We provide memorable experiences by planning and implementing unique wellness events, installations, workshops, performances, pop-up retail and exhibitions. Our events create retail experiences in gorgeous spaces, stir-up an exciting buzz, and combine entertainment with crowd drawing events! Our work includes:

• Wellness Exhibitions & Events • Socially Inspired Pop-up Retail • Workshops, Classes & Performances • Well-being Installations


Our previous events have taken place at the Gladstone Hotel, Bata Shoe Museum, Artscape Wychwood Barns, Storefront at Yonge & St. Clair, Markham House, Southern Accent, Vancouver Art Gallery, W2 Community Media Arts, University of Toronto, Columbia College in Los Angeles, EC Brighton UK, among others.

previous wellness events

at the Bata Shoe Museum, GLADSTONE HOTEL, artscape wychwood barns, MARKHAM HOUSE and SOUTHERN ACCENT!

Revisit the Magic of our Wellness Exhibitions. Can you spot yourself in the videos? 

pop-up retail concept

The pop-up retail trend has been taking over the world. The concept is simple: use a temporary location to display and sell your products and services. 

 Expanding on the standard pop-up concept, Pop Villa introduces your customers to a theme-based event that offers demonstrations, in-store activities and entertainment.

We help you do that in an innovative and multifaceted way! It’s all about showcasing your brand using the best locations and the most innovative technology available.

“Pop Villa is a creative business venture that combines a powerful marketing strategy with a convenient and safe market entry to entrepreneurs.

It’s a win-win situation for the retailers: they can test the receptiveness of the consumers without a long term commitment, create a unique shopping experience and positive brand awareness.

Through the time I have known Mariana (Pop Villa’s creator), I have seen her turn slow companies into profitable businesses and observed her consistent dedication in improving her professional development to ensure the success of her vision.”

– Marife Sanvictores, Sutton Group, West Coast Realty
Congratulations again to Pop Villa team, on your hard work and dedication. It’s only a matter of time before the whole city recognizes the new standard you are putting out in health wellness shows!

Talal Al Hamad - Founder of The Urban Apothecary
“Thank you Pop Villa for a high energy event. My voice had to recover afterwards due to all the lovely conversations” – Cheryl Millett, Chapter President of Holistic Chamber of Commerce
“Easily the most unique networking event I’ve been to.” – Leroy Rodrigues, Founder of Toronto Personal Growth
“At the Wellness Exhibition an immense group of healers and spiritual enthusiasts took over the Bata Shoe Museum to share with the public. I had the honour to share a mini-workshop on the healing power of sound and get people using their voice as a means to healing tool. I was blown away at how immense people shared their powers! Thank you Mariana Ribeiro for putting together this incredible event.” - Darren Austin Hall - Shamanic Musician & Sound Healer
“I am blessed and so happy to have the honour to work with Pop Villa throughout my career as a holistic professional. Mariana is a wonderful organizer, her energy is warm and she is truly heart centered and intent to help everyone grow and expand. Her team are always friendly and lovely to work with. Every Pop Villa event had been an amazing experience. Practitioners will definitely find value in working with them, Pop Villa provided me with many valuable opportunities to expand my practice and be able to serve my local community. Highly recommend attending their events and connect with like minded individuals!” - Tiffany Tin, Founder of My Inner Temple
“Thank you team Pop Villa! You all did such an extraordinary job putting such a successful event together (as usual). It was an absolute pleasure and honour to Feed everyone’s Bliss last night!
Looking forward to the next one!” - Doris Fin - Founder of Feed your Bliss
“My favorite part of the night was the yoga class - an amazing flow taught by Yoga with Kate - as everyone was unified in bliss.” – Mammad Monation, Owner of Ekagrata Healing Arts Studio