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Nutrition Talks - Food Cravings

The Nutrition Talks are facilitated by Lusine Stepanian, who is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Lifestyle Makeover Mentor.

Lusine believes that our food choices, our lifestyle choices and even our thoughts can either heal us or harm us. In these interactive discussion sessions we dive deep into our ‘Inner World’ and learn to become more mindful with the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, and the lifestyle we lead.

You will leave each session armed with practical tips to implement into your life and experience amazing shifts in your health. Bring a pen and paper, maybe a best friend and your beautiful smiles; and come to get inspired!

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FOOD CRAVINGS – Have you ever wondered why we crave the foods we crave? What lies beneath that uncontrollable desire to grab not just one cookie, but maybe two, three, the whole box? In this session we will discuss how to overcome your food cravings and regain control over your health and well-being.

STRESS MANAGEMENT – How does stress manifest in our body and what does our choice of food have to do with high-stress or low-stress? We will discuss how to eat healthy during times of stress in order to feel more calm, cool and collected.


Later Event: August 14
Nutrition Talks - Stress Management