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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine - Using an ancient craft to combat modern aliments.

Join Registered Medical Herbalist Talal Al Hamad (RH: AHG, OHA) as he shares his wisdom regarding the use of botanical medicine.

Talal Al-Hamad is an herbalist with a diverse background in many natural healing modalities. He utilizes a unique east meets west approach to imbalances and disease, with great efficacy. He has been a student of various holistic modalities including:

-Traditional Western Herbalism
-Flower essence therapy
-Yoga (Pranayama, Mudras & Asana)
-Nutritional care

His initial interest into holistic healing was due to several health issues that plagued him. Being completely dissatisfied with the answers and results allopathic medicine had to offer he set off on a personal transformative journey to seek out the true cause for his imbalances. This journey led to a period of deep study and personal growth as he foraged the plains of holistic healing to find his purpose. Without fail the path always led back to the power of nature, to the plants themselves. He loved the idea of not relying on anyone to manufacture his remedies (as homeopaths often do), and felt very empowered and connected with his own remedies. Their results were powerful and had little to no side effects. It was then he knew that herbal medicine was his path in life.

His formal education includes training at Dominion Herbal College and Chakrapani Ayurveda Institute (India). He also completed an intensive 2 year clinical herbalist diploma program, directly instructed by the past president of the Ontario Herbalist Association (2005-2015) Diane Kent. During these 2 years Talal gained much needed experience, working alongside Diane in her clinic treating a wide variety of clients.

In addition to his training, Talal has also spent many years of intense self study, immersing himself in the works of great herbalists such as: Michael Moore, David Hoffman, Donald Yance, Vasant Lad, Horatio C Wood Jr, Stephen Buhner, Ryan Drum and Nicholas Culpeper.

Talal is a Registered Herbalist and a professional member of The American Herbalists Guild (AHG) & The Ontario Herbalists Association (OHA). He works with people and animals & uses multiple modalities but is an herbalist at heart. His articles have been featured in magazines such as Ayurveda Mantra & Tonic Toronto.

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