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New Moon Sacred Circle

Come join a beautiful sacred circle amongst other wonderful souls such as yourself! To cleanse, clear, and gain clarity! Make space for the new and healthy to become a part of you. 

In this supportive and inspiring gathering we will be doing:

~ Opening Circle

~ Yoga/Kundalni/Kriya: 
To get all those intesnse emotions that has been brewing moving out of you. Get the energy flowing out. 

~ Guided Meditation: 
Specific to releasing old beleif systems that no longer serve you. Releasing what you are ready to shed as we step into the new energy of the new moon/phase. 

~ Manifestation:
Getting clear on what you would like to acheive and accomplish during the next phase

~ Card pulling for inspirational guidance and love

~ Ancient Native American ritual to cleanse away any negativities by smudging. (This will be done outdoors and optional to participate in.

~ Closing Circle with Crystal Singing Bowl:
Healing through vibration


14 Spots 

To RSVP/Confirm your spot Contact: 

Followed by E-transfer

Please Bring:
Journal (If you have one)
Bottled water
Wear comfortable clothing
(if you feel inspired to wear white you may do so)

I look forward to spending this magical evening with you all!